About Brittany

“Art that promotes equity”. This has been the driving force behind the artistic work I have and will continue to create, and what has brought me to a critical point in my career. My theatrical background includes 15+ years of work in musical theater, film, and commercial. While still involved in acting, within the last few years, I have begun my journey behind the scenes as a writer, producer, and videographer.


A Howard University graduate, I hold a Bachelor of Arts, with a major in English Literature and a

minor in Pre-Legal Communications. While in college, my initial plan was to pursue law school upon graduation. However, my passion for the arts could not be ignored and continued to draw me in a different direction. I made the decision to move back to Pittsburgh from DC, with a focus on pursuing the arts, primarily acting.


Yet, even with a talent agent, once back in Pittsburgh, I struggled with finding roles for black women. I realized that if I wanted to find roles that were a fit for me, it would be up to me to write them. That recognition of creating a lane for myself led me to write and produce my first web episodic project entitled #LWB (Living While Black).

In conjunction with producing the #LWB series, in 2017, I started Brittany Leanna Productions LLC! I am so excited about the opportunity to work with other creative talents.